After World War II ended and America and her allies emerged victorious over European and Asian Forces, the U.S. economy began an unprecedented growth surge fueled by entrepreneurs from around the country.  Among them was S.E. Briggs, founder of S.E. Briggs & Sons in 1946.  Conceived in the garage of Briggs' home in Newport Beach, the electrical contracting concern would go on to become Briggs Electric,Inc. by the early 1970's, when the elder Briggs sold the company to his son Bob Briggs and Tom Perry.


Founded on the principle, "Deliver excellence and clients will keep coming back."  Briggs Electric has emerged as a business-in-progress that is one of Irvine's most enduring corporate citizens.  Serving the commercial and industrial building markets, Briggs Electric provides installation, wiring, lighting and electrical system services for both new and remodeled structures.  Together with its Carson City, Nevada-based office, which serves the greater Reno area, the full-service electrical contractor caters primarily to the West coast region, with the majority of it'\s clients in Orange and Los Angeles counties, though San Bernadino and Riverside counties also make up its market share.


Sensitive to current economic conditions and extremely competitive, the Southern California electrical industry has seen many companies come and go.  However, Briggs Electric maintains a steady customer base and consistent revenue stream due to its quality service, a company hallmark.  Its reputation is cemented by value -added service features, including fast-track design programs that ensure the shortest possible construction time, and a value-engineering process that provides the most versatile electrical systems at a competitive price.


The workforce of Briggs is composed of a carefully selected group of electricians, project managers and office administrators.  The company's exceptional work performance speaks volumes about its commitment to service excellence, bidding opportunities for new projects in Southern California rarely go without consideration of Briggs Electric.  Still, the contractor takes nothing for granted and continues to treat each new project as if it were the first.

Among Briggs Electric's many projects, which range from commercial buildings and parking structures to medical facilities to manufacturing plants to interior improvements are:  Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach; Tustin Market Place, Tustin, Irvine;  Rainforest Cafe, South Coast Plaza and Ontario Mills Mall, and many others.


The link between good corporate citizenship and the well-being of the surrounding community isn't taken lightly by Briggs.  The contractor supports the local police association and firefighters, the local Boy/Girls Club and various athletic events, such as health-improvement and research walk-a-thons.  It also sponsors employees as participants in community-based charitable events.


Briggs Electric, Inc. continues to make history in Orange County with its visionary approach to business and its commitment to the highest ideals of customer service.  Its contribution to the corporate community of Southern California has proved integral to the region's destination as one of the country's most vibrant state economies.

Briggs Electric's first company vehicle c. 1949


Briggs Electric, Inc.  14381 Franklin Avenue Tustin, CA  92780   714-544-2500